AMBIEN - Addiction & Treatment

Ambien 10mg belongs to the class of drugs known as sedative-hypnotics. It is usually prescribed to treat sleep disorder or insomnia and is only intended for short-term use. Ambien 10mg is the most frequently used sleeping aid because it is seen to have fewer negative effects compared to other sleeping pills. This is a non-benzodiazepine drug, so, it is unlikely that you'll become dependent on it. But, when taken for prolonged periods of time - even at a prescribed dosage, Ambien use can be habit forming that can lead to abuse and addiction.

As a non-benzo hypnotic drug, it is very much effective in initiating sleep as well as maintaining it. When taken as prescribed, it will surely help patients with insomnia. However, it may cause uncomfortable and undesired side-effects especially those who abuse it.

Ambien Side-effects

Physical dependence - prolonged use can lead to clinically significant impairment or distress.
Withdrawal symptoms - cravings, delirium, agitation, convulsions, seizures, and nervousness.
Overdose - especially when taken with other drugs and other substances such as alcohol.
Addiction - taking the drug for longer than intended, compulsive desire to obtain the substance, continued use despite negative effects and abandonment of once-enjoyed activities.

Ambien addiction

Ambien Addiction and Treatment

Users addicted to Ambien will truly benefit from specialized treatment for them to return to a healthy lifestyle. Various approaches and other treatment will be utilized for someone addicted to Ambien and may include:

1. Behavioral Therapy - this involves motivational therapies, counseling, contingency management and the like. The goal is to find ways to end the use of it, enter a period of recovery, and avoid future relapse.
2. Inpatient Treatment - recovery from addiction begins with a medically-assisted detox. Treatment requires addressing the underlying problem through medical interventions. Patients may also be required to attend skills training, individual or group therapies.

Overcoming Ambien addiction is a long process. It needs commitment and determination. Taking it without a prescription or in any way not directed by a doctor or pharmacist is considered abuse. Even by just taking an extra pill for a little help in sleeping is abuse. Once tolerance is developed, the pattern will go on and on. In some ways, Ambien is still a safer alternative when it comes to treating Insomnia. There's really nothing to worry about when you take and use it with the right guidance. If you want to buy Ambien online, the right place to be is at our online pharmacy. It is a one-stop shop of high-quality prescription medications at an affordable and reasonable price.